Scriptacu-list Tutorial(Part 2)

Posted January 18, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Seaside, Smalltalk

So we’ve got our first cut domain model and now its time to add our views. Today we are going to add another two classes MyAddressBookView and MyContactEditor…

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Scriptacu-list Tutorial(Part 1)

Posted January 17, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Scriptaculous, Seaside, Smalltalk

Learning Seaside is fun and there are a number of good tutorials out there (but beware that some don’t use the latest Seaside 2.7 release) and a number of good blogs (I especially recommend Ramon Leon’s Blog). But it can still be a bit tricky to find examples of exactly what you want. What I’d like to do over the next couple of posts is provide a worked example of a commonly used presentation technique with an extra Scriptaculous twist.

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They Want it All

Posted January 12, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Croquet, Scratch, Smalltalk

So I sat down last night with my 9 year old boy who’s got in his head some ideas about a game he wants to write. We open up Scratch and I start to show him what it can do.

First I animate my cat and get him walking around.

“But it has to be a monkey Dad, not a cat”

“OK we’ll make him a monkey” – we select the cat and change his costume. Cool.

“But the monkey has to go into the tree house, Dad.”

“OK. Lets create a background with a tree house.” – we build our stage and add a tree house with a ladder. When the monkey gets to the ladder he climbs it and gets to the house.

“Now he needs to go through the door and be in the lounge”

We make it happen. I smile smuggly at what we’ve acheived and tell him that’s it for tonight.

“OK but tomorrow I want to get my friends on the internet to come and join me with their monkeys in the lounge”

I swallow hard and explain how I can’t do that with Scratch.

The kids of today just want it all! Maybe tomorrow I’ll show him Croquet.

Up to Scratch

Posted January 11, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Scratch, Smalltalk

Took a break from my seaside investigations to download Scratch. Have to say I am very impressed!

Tonight I am hoping to introduce my 9 year old son to it and see how it flies with its intended audience.  It’s interface is very clean and very intuitive and takes EToys to the next level.  Within about an hour of investigating last night I was able to write a game where my cat had to dodge giant raindrops to avoid being washed away.  This stuff is very simple and very cool.

It’s also great to see another smalltalk product out there that looks good and plays good and may just catch the imagination of the next generation of software developers.

Alan Kay talked of Inventing the Future – the future is our kids and they may be inventing with Scratch and Smalltalk.

A Matter of Factory

Posted January 10, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Design Patterns, Objects, Seaside, Smalltalk

In my continued exploration of Seaside I revisited an implementation of Factory pattern that is especially easy in Smalltalk and oh so difficult in Java. I enjoyed the rediscovery so much I thought I share it here. Read the rest of this post »

Champion in the Game of Life

Posted January 8, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Faith, Inspiration

Listened to one of the most incredibly moving stories I’ve ever heard in church yesterday. 

 I won’t spoil the story here but this guy called David Ring was talking about how he overcame a real bum deal in life to become a “champion”.   This is not one of those “in” stories that you have to be a Christian to appreciate, this is a story that will inspire and challenge believer and non-believer alike.

If you ever get chance to hear him speak then please do – it will make your own problems seem smaller and your future more hopeful.

I Want to be on th Beach

Posted January 5, 2007 by objectcentric
Categories: Seaside, Smalltalk

Just over ten years ago when I worked as a Smalltalk consultant I mentored a developer transitioning to Smalltalk from VB. He was clearly excited about what Smalltalk could do, so much so that he would go home and bore his not-so-technical girlfriend with his new found passion. In trying to put into layman’s terms what he was experiencing he described it like this…

“programming in VB is like writing documentation, programming in Smalltalk is like writing poetry

I have been working with Java now for so many years that I’d almost forgotten that software development could be truly enjoyable. Then a few days ago I found Seaside. I have worked a number of Java frameworks over the past few years: Struts, JSF, Tapestry and Wicket (in my opinion the pick of the Java frameworks) but nothing can come within a 1000 miles of what I’ve been able to do in just a few hours of playing with Seaside. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good Seaside is. Avi Bryant I salute you!

If you’re reading this from some dreary office in the middle of winter and wishing you we’re on a beach somewhere then my advice is get to the Seaside a play a while. You might just remember how good it felt to be a child with a bucket and spade and a vast expanse beach to explore.