They Want it All

So I sat down last night with my 9 year old boy who’s got in his head some ideas about a game he wants to write. We open up Scratch and I start to show him what it can do.

First I animate my cat and get him walking around.

“But it has to be a monkey Dad, not a cat”

“OK we’ll make him a monkey” – we select the cat and change his costume. Cool.

“But the monkey has to go into the tree house, Dad.”

“OK. Lets create a background with a tree house.” – we build our stage and add a tree house with a ladder. When the monkey gets to the ladder he climbs it and gets to the house.

“Now he needs to go through the door and be in the lounge”

We make it happen. I smile smuggly at what we’ve acheived and tell him that’s it for tonight.

“OK but tomorrow I want to get my friends on the internet to come and join me with their monkeys in the lounge”

I swallow hard and explain how I can’t do that with Scratch.

The kids of today just want it all! Maybe tomorrow I’ll show him Croquet.

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