I Want to be on th Beach

Just over ten years ago when I worked as a Smalltalk consultant I mentored a developer transitioning to Smalltalk from VB. He was clearly excited about what Smalltalk could do, so much so that he would go home and bore his not-so-technical girlfriend with his new found passion. In trying to put into layman’s terms what he was experiencing he described it like this…

“programming in VB is like writing documentation, programming in Smalltalk is like writing poetry

I have been working with Java now for so many years that I’d almost forgotten that software development could be truly enjoyable. Then a few days ago I found Seaside. I have worked a number of Java frameworks over the past few years: Struts, JSF, Tapestry and Wicket (in my opinion the pick of the Java frameworks) but nothing can come within a 1000 miles of what I’ve been able to do in just a few hours of playing with Seaside. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good Seaside is. Avi Bryant I salute you!

If you’re reading this from some dreary office in the middle of winter and wishing you we’re on a beach somewhere then my advice is get to the Seaside a play a while. You might just remember how good it felt to be a child with a bucket and spade and a vast expanse beach to explore.

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One Comment on “I Want to be on th Beach”

  1. pilx Says:

    I completely second this post! Both smalltalk and seaside are *so* great and enjoyable that I’ve been just dreaming to switch my Java day job to a Smalltalk one since I’ve knew Seaside for the first time.

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